PDT – School

Heimatbühne Kochel a. See; Monday 16.09.2024 afternoon

In the PDT School, selected speakers will demonstrate the basics of photodiagnostics (PD) and photodynamic therapy (PDT). The aim is to refresh the basics, but also to introduce students, young scientists and scientists who are new in the topic, to the field of PD & PDT.

For this purpose, the basic topics of Chemistry, Physics, Biology as well as the expanding fields of Antimicrobial PDT and PDT in the Clinics will be presented. At the end of the PDT School, there will be an open Discussion and Round Table about the content presented as well as further questions.

Santi Nonell
IQS-Universitat Ramon Llull, Spain

Chemistry in PDT: molecular aspects, photophysics, photochemistry, selectivity, lethal dose,
photosensitizer, …

Lothar Lilge
Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Toronto, Canada

Physics in PDT: Laser and light sources, light application system, dosimetry concepts, monitoring concepts, temperature, …

Tim Maisch
Department of Dermatology, University Hospital Regensburg, Germany

Biology in PDT: mechanisms of cell death, bacteria vs cell, selectivity, lethal dose, cell and immune response; role of 1O2 and ROS, …

Kristjan Plaetzer
Paris Lodron University Salzburg, Austria

Basics of Antimicrobial PDT and its application in human medicine, plant protection and food safety

Xiuli Wang
Shanghai Skin Disease Hospital, China
Tongji University School of Medicine, China

PDT in the Clinics: oncologic and non-oncologic application and treatment possibilities.

Ronald Sroka
Laser-Forschungslabor, LIFE Center, Department of Urology, LMU Hospital, Germany

Moderator: Discussion and Round Table